Disposition Authorization

The Disposition Authorization is the document where you indicate whether you want to be buried or cremated. Whatever you feel is best, it is important to let your family know what you want. If you do not indicate one way or the other in a document like this, your family will have to make the decision for you. Some of the worst cases we have seen here at Orbit Wills is when the family members disagree on the disposition of a loved one’s remains. This is yet another opportunity to make it easy for your family members to follow your wishes and mitigate the potential drama.

In this document, you can also indicate where you would like your remains to be kept or scattered. This document simply helps your family know what you would like. Some people like to get creative with this (e.g., scattered on Mt. Rainier or planted as a tree in my backyard) but most people leave the decision up to their family.