Should Families Fly Separately?

Why Do Some Families Fly Separately?

This is a surprisingly controversial question.  While some families choose to fly separately in case there is a tragedy and one parent is killed in a plane crash the other will be able to care for their children.  The annual risk for the average American of being killed in a plane crash is 1 in 11 million. For some families even this small risk is too high, so they book separate flights to reduce the odds even further.

What do the experts say about Families Flying Separately?

In 2011 a small plane in New Jersey crashed while traveling from New Jersey to Georgia.  An entire family of 4 was killed.  While parents spoke out on both sides of the issue, some felt if they were going to be killed in a tragedy like this they’d want their family to be with them, but others felt that dividing the family for travel was the choice they’d make.

The decision is a very personal one that varies from family to family, but what do experts say?  Most experts agree that approximately 40% of the general population have some fear of flying and 2.5% are clinically classified as suffering from Aviophobia or Aerophobia. Experts also concur that facing those fears and not opt to have their family fly separately, but instead seek help to deal with these fears in a healthy way to handle these fears.  “Worrying about an unlikely tragedy is an unhealthy way to view the situation.” According to child therapist Judith Meyers-Walls.  

If the low statistics about airplane accidents aren’t enough to alleviate fears, there are other ways to reduce our apprehension and anxiety about flying with our families instead of opting to travel separately.  Experts encourage fearful parents to prepare for flying and get ahead of the panic through positive visualization, breathing exercises, creating a relaxing playlist, etc. 

How do you feel about your Family Flying Separately when traveling?

Deciding whether your family will fly separately is a very personal decision.  Experts would encourage parents to deal with the source of the fear and try to reduce the stress about what “might” happen.  One of the best ways to reduce anxiety is to be prepared and focus on what is in your sphere of control.

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Published 08/30/2022.