4 Unconventional Alternatives to Traditional Burial

On the blog we’ve talked a few times about the different options available to you to do with your body after you die. Our posts about The Case for Posthumous Body Donation and Composting Human Remains talk specially about just two alternatives to traditional burial that individuals have decided to opt for. Whatever you decide to do with your body after death is completely your decision. But if being laid to rest in the ground or having your ashes kept in an urn isn’t your cup of tea, here are 4 highly unconventional alternatives to traditional burial! We hope you find them as interesting as we do!

Donate your body to a body farm

If you’ve ever watched CSI or any other show that deals with forensic evidence, you may have heard of a body farm. Also known as outdoor forensic anthropology labs, body farm are places where forensic researchers are able to study how the human body decomposes under various conditions. Similar to body donation for medical purposes, body donation for forensic analysis at body farms helps researchers and students of the practice to get hands-on experience so that they’re better equipped for their future careers: only in this case researchers aren’t studying the body to cure illnesses, they’re studding to help law enforcement in the future. There are currently 7 functioning body farms in the US, including The Southeast Texas Applied Forensic Science Facility, which boasts 247 acres of land and is used to train both students and law enforcement officials for forensic analysis on future cases.

Become One with the Sea

For years people have been dumping ashes onto the sea. Now, through Eternal Reefs, there’s a way you can be laid to rest at sea while also creating a sustainable habitat for marine life. Eternal Reefs mixes human ashes with environmentally safe concrete to form a man-made coral reef. This is then gently put at the bottom of the sea for fish and other wildlife to use for shelter. Prices range between $3,000 and $7,500.

Record your life on vinyl

This one is for music lovers. UK based company And Vinyly lets people have their ashes pressed into a vinyl record for less than $4,000! In your will you can specify which songs you would like or opt for an audio recording instead. Each record plays for 24 minutes (12 minutes on each side). The packaging comes with your birth and death dates printed on the cover. To make it even more personalized, you can pay extra to have your portrait printed on the front.

Become glass art

Companies like Art From Ashes allow you to have your ashes turned into beautiful hand-blown glass art. They offer necklaces, pendants, bracelets, paperweights, and more.

No matter what you decide to have done with your body or ashes after death, its important to make sure you specify your exact desires in your will. Visit Orbit Wills to create your easy, straight-forward final will and testament today.

Published 09/27/2021.